Areas of Competition Current Pageant Past Titleholders


Personal Interview: 35 points

Contestants speak with the panel of judges for 7-10 minutes. Evaluation will be based on overall presentation including: personality, self-expression, diction, poise and intelligence.

Poise and Personality: 25 points

The judges are asked to look back and give a score based on their overall impression of you with emphasis on your interview and performance on stage.
Several individuals will be judging the Pageant. Some will be experienced and educated in the pageant industry. They are NOT looking for the perfect contestant. Rather, they are looking for a great youth goodwill ambassador: someone who has an overall package of personality, intelligence, community spirit and can represent her community throughout the year!

Speech (on Stage): 10 points

The speech will be given on stage in front of other contestants and judges. The speech is timed and can not exceed one minute in length at delivery. The speech should be written by the contestant, the topic is: What one accomplishment in my life has brought me the most amount of satisfaction. The speech will be scored. The points for the speech will determine the speech award and the points received will be included in the contestant cumulative total points considered to determine the queen. 

Business/Cocktail Attire: 20 points

Contestants will be judged in their business attire during speech and personal interview. Evaluation will be based on overall appearance, age appropriate selection, poise, posture and projection of personality.

Impromptu Question (on Stage): 10 points

The Pageant Director will determine these questions. Evaluation is based on how well you answer the question. This question will make you think, but will not be overly difficult. The judges want to see how you would handle issues that someone might ask you while at an appearance representing Rancho Bernardo. Answers will be evaluated on overall presentation including: self-expression, poise and projection of personality. 

Evening Attire (on stage): 10 points

Contestants will be judged in their evening attire while in front of the judges and audience. Evaluation will be based on overall appearance, personal style and age appropriate selection, poise, posture and projection of personality.

All points are cumulative.